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Policies and Guidelines


The MOAM enforces its Standards of Practice, Policies and Guidelines on its members. MOAM guidelines and policies assist osteopathic manual practitioners to practice in a professional, safe and ethical manner.

Appointment and Power of Investigators


The MOAM supervises osteopathic manual practitioners in the public interest. In some cases, this requires the formal investigation of an osteopathic manual practitioner’s practice.

Scope of Practice and Authorized Acts


Osteopathic manual practitioners are primary healthcare practitioners who facilitate healing through osteopathic assessment and treatment of dysfunctions of the whole person, with a focus on bio-mechanical neuromusculoskeletal and visceral disorders. Osteopathic manual practitioners use various recognized osteopathic manual techniques to work with the body’s ability to heal itself, thereby promoting health and well-being.

Unauthorized Acts


There are a number of acts that are considered unauthorized acts and outside the scope of practice of MOAM members. Osteopathic manual practitioners are prohibited by law to provide any of these acts, unless they are a dual registrant with a license in another health profession that permits them to provide the acts listed below:

  • Communicating a medical diagnosis identifying, as the cause of a person’s symptoms (MOAM members may provide a manual osteopathic diagnosis, but not a medical diagnosis),

  • Moving the joints beyond a person’s usual physiological range of motion using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust (HVLA manipulation or Grade 5 mobilization),

  • Putting a finger beyond the anal verge for the purpose of manipulating or mobilizing the tailbone (coccyx) or performing treatment that requires digital manipulation in bodily openings (anal or vaginal),

  • Injection of any kind and breaking the skin, & surgery of any type,

  • Prescribing any type of medication,

  • Taking x-rays and offering radiological services,

  • Casting and or bracing bone fractures,

  • Setting dislocated joints.

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