Continuing Education is an important chapter within any health care profession. It provides members with the ability to enhance their knowledge and performance of skills to ensure the continued practice of competent care.


Although our member numbers have been growing since our association was established in 2016, the MOA still is a small association. As the first association promoting and advocating osteopathic manual practitioners in Manitoba, our board of directors has decided to enact a one-year grace period for new members.


After their first year's membership, our members enter a three-year cycle of fulfilling our continuing competency program. The participation in the Continuing Competency Program is compulsory for our members.


The Continuing Education Committee will be developing a system of continuing competency credits in order to give more flexibility to continuing-education possibilities, since the opportunities for continuing education within our province are currently very limited. With the proposed new cycle, each member must achieve 24 approved continuing competency credits within each cycle; at least 16 of the credits must be "primary credits" while the remaining 8 can be either "primary" or "secondary" credits. If a member does not achieve the requirements of the continuing competency program, they risk losing their membership.

Different courses will be assigned certain amounts of credits. Primary credits will be given for courses directly tied to manual osteopathy, while secondary credits can be obtained with activities in relation to the field of manual osteopathy.

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