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Welcome to the Manual Osteopathy Association of Manitoba Inc.


We are a not-for-profit association, established by the osteopathic manual practice profession in Manitoba.

Our goal is to supervise the practice of osteopathic manual practitioners who hold a certificate of Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) in Manitoba. We want to ensure the safety to the public who seek the services of an osteopathic manual practitioner. All members of the MOAM are held to high standards of competency. We also hold our members accountable to pursue continued education to stay up-to-date with professional standards. We ensure their practice is within our profession's regulation for what we can and cannot do as manual osteopathic practitioners (standards of practice). We enforce our code of ethics to further ensure public safety.

The MOAM is not a regulated health college, as defined under the Regulated Health Professions Act of Manitoba. The MOAM is a not-for-profit professional practice association.

"Let us not be governed today by what we did yesterday, nor tomorrow, but what we do today, and day by day we must show progress"

Dr. A. T. Still

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